Family Videos

Family Videos

Family Slide Show 1957-1970 narrated by Marlene Rosshirt

Rosshirt History part 1

*** NEW *** Family Memories

*** NEW *** 3D House - 120 Tall Pine Dr.

*** NEW *** As Young As You Feel

*** NEW *** Story of Golf in 12 Chapters

*** NEW *** Alex first time at golf course

*** NEW *** Alex getting his first stripe in Jiu Jitsu

Luke and Daniel 1988
Luke and Daniel 1989
Misc. Aaron and Linda June 1988
Aaron, Marlana and Kayla Birthday Party 1988

Uncle Vic - WWII
Reunion at Uncle Dick and Aunt Madeline's July 4, 1990
Riding at Rita's 1994
Rita and Jane Walking Horse Competition 1994

IMNET Trip_to Cayman Islands Jan. 1998
Randy, Linda and Michelle - IMNET Softball 1995
Randy on Motley Fool Q n A
Good Jordan Petterson Interview
Rosshirt Water for Africa Video 1

Linda singing Rockin Robin 1991- No thats not me dancing at the end!
Linda Practicing at home for Charlie Daniels Talent Roundup 1996
Linda on Charlie Daniels Talent Roundup 1996
I Believe In You - Good Song and Rosshirt slides

Fireworks Playlist Video (Waving Flag)(6GB)

Fireworks Playlist Audio only (63mb)

Bozzetti Video 1
Bozzetti Tape 2
Bozzetti Tape 6
Bozzetti Tape 7
Bozzetti Easter 2000
Bozzetti Video Janines Wedding
Bozzetti Video Kids in pool

Small Belle 3D print time lapse
16 hour 3D print that failed
Bell head only fix 3D print time lapse
Pokemon Card Box 3D print time lapse
7" Touch screen cover 3D print