Family Videos

Family Videos

Rosshirt History part 1

*** NEW *** Family Memories

*** NEW *** 3D House - 120 Tall Pine Dr.

Luke and Daniel 1988
Luke and Daniel 1989
Misc. Aaron and Linda June 1988
Aaron, Marlana and Kayla Birthday Party 1988

Uncle Vic - WWII
Reunion at Uncle Dick and Aunt Madeline's July 4, 1990
Riding at Rita's 1994
Rita and Jane Walking Horse Competition 1994

IMNET Trip_to Cayman Islands Jan. 1998
Randy, Linda and Michelle - IMNET Softball 1995
Randy on Motley Fool Q n A
Good Jordan Petterson Interview
Rosshirt Water for Africa Video 1

Linda singing Rockin Robin 1991- No thats not me dancing at the end!
Linda Practicing at home for Charlie Daniels Talent Roundup 1996
I Believe In You - Good Song and Rosshirt slides

Bozzetti Video 1
Bozzetti Tape 2
Bozzetti Tape 6
Bozzetti Tape 7
Bozzetti Easter 2000
Bozzetti Video Janines Wedding
Bozzetti Video Kids in pool